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So you knows who's gonna win in "Madness enlightenment 2". Voting still going until 19 May! Quick! Vote!

VOTE: Dad or Ducky?

2011-05-01 07:50:55 by 2Don

Just write dad or ducky and u can add other comment you want

Pico day...

2011-04-30 13:57:08 by 2Don

I'm not submitting anything(I'm not making it either), I'm to busy with my other creation...

Creating a new flash

2011-04-30 13:47:30 by 2Don

I'm making a new flash movies and it's BETTER than my last flash submisson.

Madness Day is coming!

2011-04-30 06:21:28 by 2Don

Madness day is getting nearer! Prepare yourself! 22nd of September! I'm making a flash madness right now for Madness Day :3